Impeccable Graphic Design. Passionately Designed Signage. Eloquent Results.

Those who are able to control their
passions do so because their passions
are weak enough to be controlled.

You really must love what you do!


Delighting in eating the weirdest food she can find, Beth possesses an inordinately high regard for aesthetics and has been observed to “disdain sameness”.  A graduate of SUNY-New Paltz in NY, Beth has a BFA in Graphic Design, with a minor in Psychology – which explains a lot.  With a career of print, display, exhibit and design experience, she can also operate power tools.  She does not at all mind getting dirty if that will help get the job done and wears paint with style.  Her extra vivid imagination, sense of wonder and affinity for the positive help Chuck think well outside the proverbial box.  She’s decent with a post hole digger and beautifully descriptive when writing prose.

> Chuck